Logistics and Payment

Segurança e Infraestrutura
Amazon Web Services
Total autonomy to make your deliveries

Set the parameters of your deliveries quickly and conveniently.

Define your delivery region.

Define the cost of your deliveries.

Define the days and times available to deliver your products.

The store logistics in your hands!

Integrated Logistics Solution

Expand your area of expertise, conquer more customers and deliver wherever you want.

Simple platform to control all the logistics of your store.

Monitor your logistics from the placed order until delivery.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
Payment Method

Set how you want to receive your payments!

You choose whether you want to deliver the products and / or allow for pick up in the store.

Define the payment methods for products delivery and for take-out, such as credit card, debit card, cash and others.

Use PicPay for business and receive online payments from your customers with confidence and credibility.